More than just a seat.


A chair that PROMOTEs better concentration and performance

And prevents fatigue and back-ache.

Discover the importance of a healthy posture.

Ergonomic saddle seat - posture chair

Saddle seat jumper

Ergonomic seat design 

A uniquely designed seat with an adjustable tilt and balance mechanism that ensures a healthy posture, allows for free manoeuvrability and encourages dynamic sitting - improving core stability and aligning the pelvis to the comfort of the user.

Adjustable office chair

Adjustable office jumper

Fully adjustable features

All features of the chair are fully adjustable for a seating position thats customised to your comfort and posture. The backsupport is anatomically shaped, providing good support for your lower back, without limiting shoulder freedom.

Office stool

Office stool

Supreme quality 

  • Antibacterial stamskin leather
  • Aluminium base 
  • Weight sensitive castors that brake when the user gets up from the seat
  • Saddle seats available in wide and narrow sizes
  • Unrestricted manoeuvrability and customised seat adjustment
  • Foot operated height adjustment
  • 5 year warranty 

An investment that pays for itself

Orthopaedic seating 

The saddle chair takes pressure off the lower back, strengthens the back muscles and prevents back problems - offering comfortable seating without the fatigue associated with an extended period of sitting.





A designer toilet, intergrated with the latest technology.




  • Built-in permanent deodorisation air filter
  • Multi-functional, adjustable nozzel
  • Wireless remote control with wall-mountable holder
  • Simple installation with no need for toilet tank or pre-wall installation 
  • Water-saving flushing
  • Ergonomic and comfortable seat design 
  • Automatic self-opening and closing electric toilet seat
  • Heated seat and adjustable water temperature 
  • Regulated warm air dryer 
  • Permanent Ag Nano filter for antibacterial water 
  • Automatic flushing function 
  • Fully customisable user functions 


Optimum Cleaning technology at your finger tips.

Convert an existing toilet to a Bidet in minutes.

Bidet luxury hygiene
Bidet remote control


  • Convenient wireless remote
  • Smart power saving 
  • Digital seat sensor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Patented 3-in-1 adjustable nozzle 
  • Soft closing toilet seat
  • Built in filter
  • Heated seat